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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspire Me Monday-- {Violin Dubstep}

Just when you thought the "Inspire Me Monday" feature was gone forever....

Every Monday comes and goes and I always have the BEST intentions of posting something.  But then midnight goes by and I think, "Huh.  Missed it.  And Inspire Me Tuesday just doesn't have the same ring."  

OK so I'm posting something short and simple to get the rusty wheels going again.  A while back my hubby said someone had showed him a youtube video of a Utah girl dancing and playing the violin.  At the same time.  My first response was, ummm....ok.  Whatever makes her happy?

But, the funny thing is, she's actually really good at it.  And its actually...well, entertaining.  What I've taken away from following Miss Lindsey Stirling is that in this day and age, you can always find a way to do what makes you happy.  Dance and play violin?  Don't let anyone stop you.  Do it, and do it with enthusiasm.  And who knows? Maybe you'll start raking in 3 million youtube views less than a week following a video posting.

Can I also say, I love the music and the cinematography?  And I especially love that she shot this at the ice castles, which used to be created every year in Midway Utah and this year got moved to Colorado *tear.*

Next week, I will post someone who tap dances and plays the drums.  :)