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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween...and a giveaway!

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween weekend!
My little boy was Charlie Brown.  It was perfect...he has a round little head and not very much hair! :)

We went trick-or-treating for the first time with success, despite the rain.  He didn't really know what was going on, but when you are constantly being presented with bowls chock full of candy for the taking...who is to argue? :)
And in celebration of Halloween and hitting 900 fans on facebook this last week, I'm doing a little giveaway for a $50 gift certificate.  Use it toward your sitting fee, as a print or product credit, or even at my Envision Image Design site...your choice!

All you have to do is
1. Like us (or follow us here on the ol' blog...either way!)
2. Come back here and leave a comment telling us what you chose for you 2010 Halloween costume!

The contest will end on November 1st, when a winner will be randomly selected.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Envision Image Photography!

Sneak Peek of the Jackson-Skidmore family!

Aren't they adorable?!?  Braving the cold and the wind on Halloween, no less.  Thanks for a fun morning!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bridals...on a pumpkin

Special thanks to Jamie and David Pearson for sending me these pics!  They picked their favorite bridal shot from this summer and carved it into a pumpkin!  I love it! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thorsted-Larsen Family Sneak Peek!

So when I got a call from April to do family pictures, I didn't realize until I showed up at the shoot today that this was the same April that I was in the Clinton City royalty with...way back in!  (I was 15 and thought it was a big deal at the time.  I was a big dork...don't laugh...) Check out this super sweet family!  The youngest brother Robbie is headed out on a mission in less than a month, the perfect occasion to get those family pictures in. :)  It got dark pretty fast, but what a sunset tonight!

This kid is a total stud!

Molly and James' Groomals {Incandescent}

There is a quote at the end of Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth tells Mr. Darcy that he can only call her Mrs. Darcy "...when you are completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy."  As I was working through the images from this shoot, that word--Incandescent--just kept coming to mind.  I'm pretty sure this is exactly what it looks like to be completely, perfectly, incandescently happy. 

Thank you, Molly and James, for an unforgettable evening!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Borg Family Sneak Peek

Here's a little preview of what I did tonight!  Marci has been a friend of mine for several years...These boys have grown up right before my very eyes.  I'm pretty sure they each gained a foot since their family session last year.  Maybe more.  Next year I'll be looking up at them!

As many photographers--and moms--know, trying to get a couple of young boys like these ones to hold still for the camera is like taking a fish out of water and asking it not to flop around.  
But if you play it right, you can work the parental chagrin to your advantage.
I call this one "In Trouble." :)  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspire Me Monday {Halloween Edition}--SYTYCD

I thought long and hard about what I should post today knowing I wanted it to be related to Halloween somehow. I finally remembered this video, from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance a couple of seasons ago.  I don't watch reality shows (they give me some major anxiety, I get so nervous for the contestants!  Best if I just avoid those types of things entirely.) but my MIL watches this show and when she sees something she thinks I'll like, she doesn't hesitate to share.  Check this out, so fun...the talent of some people. Wow.

The Triplets and Brandon

I made a promise a long time ago that I would take some school pictures for my little sisters once a year, though it took me until October to make it happen.  For those of you who don't know...I have little sisters who are identical triplets.  And they are fifteen...what a killer combination! They aren't quite driving yet (stay off the roads and sidewalks, folks) so our 22 year old brother (who is a recent RM and SINGLE.  Ladies, email me for his phone number. hehe) had to chauffer them to the shoot.  Which meant, of course, I had to get a few of him as well, much to his chagrin. We didn't have much time, less than a half an hour, but you can get a lot done when you aren't afraid to boss your subjects around.  I have practice with these guys...I've been doing it for all 15 years of their lives. :)

I LOVE taking senior/teen portraits!