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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Robin's Bridals...sneak peek

We had a fantastic night at Antelope Island (though forget mosquitos...the biting bugs from Antelope have now been awarded the most hateful insect award.  It's a pretty prestigious award in the insect world.)  White dress, red hair, and classic 20's style... it just can't be beat!

Jordan's Bridals

After at least 2 reschedulings due to bad weather, we finally were able to do Jordan's bridals...less than a week before her wedding!  Needless to say, despite the rush to get them processed and printed in time (yikes!) I love how they turned out.  We went deluxe for these...more time, a more exotic location (a part of a family ranch outside of was something else!) more pics, more fun!  :)  I could go on and on about how gorgeous she was, how great Jordan and Dusty are together, what a wonderful evening it was, but who are we kidding?  You can totally see it for yourself!  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jordan's awesome and so well behaved co-stars, Tiny and Swiss.  And Dusty. 

haha, just kidding Dusty. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chad and Breanne's engagement sneak peek!

So a photo session wouldn't be complete without something going awry...for me anyway!  I thought that the worst we had today at our Bear Lake engagement session was the mosquitos...until my little car got stuck in the sand!  Its a good thing I had brought my strong hubby along, but we ended up getting extra help from about 10 guys who saw us futilely trying to push the dang thing out ourselves.  They were probably laughing on the inside, but thank goodness for the kindness of strangers!  Never a dull moment around here...

But seriously, check these guys out!  And yes, this shoot was as fun as it looks.  Minus the mosquitos.  They really know how to suck the life out of the party.  (Go ahead and groan.  I did, and I typed it anyways.)

Jamie and David's Groomals

We've been busy busy busy around here...but I will always make time to post sessions as fun as this one!  Jamie and David came to one of my favorite places (in fact, the place I had my own bridals done!) and it was such a lovely evening! Jamie and her grecian-style dress are what I would refer to as "statuesque."  Beautiful!  Here are a few faves!

And I know I posted this as their "sneak peek" but I had to show it again!  We took a few desperate shots just as the sun was going down...this is the only one that worked out (Somehow my hands managed to stay super steady for this ultra long exposure...miracle?) but I will tell you right now, it is one of my favorite shots I've ever taken.  EVER.  Something about the clock tower and the sweet soft twilight, plus the romance.... I love it.  It feels like time was standing still.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Candace and Spencer's Groomals

The first time I got to meet Candace and Spencer in person was for their groomal session...and let me tell you, they are just so awesome together.  Spencer was so attentive and sweet to Candace, it just makes me smile!  Their wedding is coming up in just a few weeks, and I know it will be great!  Thanks guys, I had an awesome evening with you...beating the storm once again! :)