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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A contest you won't want to miss!

In honor of my blog redesign and my streamlined branding colors and styles (though please excuse the dust...still working out some bugs!) and because it finally feels like summer and I am in the mood to celebrate, I am launching a contest that starts tonight. The prize?  A free engagement session from Envision Image Photography!  To enter, send me an email or leave me a comment telling me about your first date with your significant other.  It doesn't have to be long or eloquent, short and sweet works just fine too.  The contest will go to the evening of July 4th and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced July 5th.  And as a bonus, anybody who books me before the end of the contest will also receive 10% off their wedding package.

Best of luck to everyone! is open to my current clients too!  If you are chosen I will simply deduct the cost of your engagements from your total package or add them on for no extra charge. :)


Rebecca said...

okay!! here we go!!
our names are jake and becky and our story is fun... i (becky) asked jake out on a monday to a concert on saturday. josh turner to be exact! we were going to eat dinner at the concert and then listen to him sing.
jake, now knowing i liked him and was interested in him after i asked him out, he asked me out on the next day for ice cream!!! that impressed me because he could not wait and i think if i remember correctly he told me that night he could not wait ha ha
so, i worked late that tuesday night till ten and i told him we will find a place even if it is wendys... ha ha
so he came and got me and i told him that i was thinking about it and i think we should go to dennys cause they are open at that time and plus im hungry... we had a blast.. had so much in common and now we are getting married and LOVE your photography!!!!
my email is


Staci said...

6 years ago, my fiance came to my house for the first time. He was standing in the driveway as i left for work. He told his best friend that day that he would marry me, i personally, thought that was weird and had no interest in him what so ever. Consistantly for 3 months he came to my house every friday and saturday night. He followed me around all night trying to get to know me, while i didnt think twice about him. He begged me for my number until i had no choice but to give it to him (never thinking that i would actually talk to him.) then, one night he came over to my house, and his best friend stand at one door, while he stood at the other door of my back porch and refused to let me out of either door until i agreed to a date. the conditions were that he would choose the date, time and place and refused to let me leave until i agreed to 1 date. "just 1" he said. no pressure for a second... just one date, and if i really truly didnt like him after that, he would leave me alone. so, seeing as how an hour had passed and i realized he was seroius about not letting me leave until i agreed, i agreed. the very next morning to my surprise and excitment, he left for las vegas for work (i thought that meant i was off teh hook). a couple weeks later he called me to tell me he had a hotel room booked for me and reservations for our date i agreed to. i was stunned. i knew at that point i couldnt back down because i already agreed... so i got some friends together, and we drove to vegas for my first date. He took me to a itallian restaurant where he had reservations, we talked for almost 4 hours, like we were best friends and already spent a lifetime together, and then we walked the strip for 3 hours ( i remember because i was in high heels (: ) When we went back to the hotel, and i kicked my shoes off, he seen the blisters and very kindly took it upon himself to doctor my feet up, and apologized profusely for putting me through that anguish. since that night, i haven't looked back. He is my better half, and its amazing, when you just let yourself throw your inhibitions to the wind, what you find... i just so happened to find my soulmate.
My email address is

Kate said...

We don't need engagements but would love a family photo. Not sure if we can still enter, but I do have a funny meet-up story.

I went to the gateway mall to return a shirt I got as a gift. Kale and his friends were walking around the mall, apparently saw me and thought I was cute, and so they proceeded to follow me around (stalkers!). I was getting totally bugged by it so I finally turned around to confront him and his annoying clan. He ended up talking me into letting him buy me lunch at the food court (awesome I know). I'm all about free food so I said yes. He texted me all that week and we made plans to hang out again. 11 months later we were engaged, and 6 months after that we were married! We just had our second wedding anniversary this week and we are enjoying our almost 9 month old baby girl!

Alondra said...

After turning him down a few times I finally let him take me to the movies. We saw The Mist and it was terrible. (I think he was just desperate to take me out, take me anywhere!) But I still enjoyed his company so I gave him hope at the end of the night when I said "Next time, I'll pick the movie."