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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Szymanski Family

They have been waiting so patiently for these pics... and now I am so happy to share them!  I don't shoot many families any more because of my wedding workload, but I love when I get to do it, especially when its a family like these guys who were there when I was first getting my feet wet in photography.  Little Caleb was, in fact, the first baby I ever professionally photographed!  Don't they grow so fast?  And it was a split shoot...half family pictures, half Ashlyn's 1 year pictures.  Love it!


Nancy said...

Wow, Crystal, I think you may want to reconsider shooting families more often, because the shots got of the children are just incredible, and its hard to find someone who can get good pics of children. Of course, it helps to have such gorgeous subjects, but you have to be someone who knows just when to click for kids too!

Carolanne said...

Great pictures! I love the bright, summery feeling they have. And it helps that the subjects are so adorable. You really captured those bright baby blue eyes both of the kids have really well. Cute family!