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Friday, August 26, 2011

Where Love Can Lead You.

I've been thinking a lot about when and how to post about the newest addition to my little family.  You wouldn't think it would be very hard--take pictures, post pictures, say a few things about how cute he is, DONE!  But I've had such a lot on my mind since his birth, every time I've sat down at the computer to do just that, it hasn't felt like enough to do justice to how much it all means.

I mean, I'm a wedding photographer by trade.  I do almost any type of photography, but weddings are definitely my specialty.  I'm drawn to romance.  I savor every sweet moment shared between two newlyweds as I chronicle that day for them.  But the wedding day--however iconic in a person's lifelong love story--is just one day.  Its the life that happens after that is the most important.

As I rocked my baby to sleep last night I thought a lot about how hard it had been on me to bring him here.  We'd tried for a second baby for quite a while with no luck, and when we did get pregnant, his due date landed right smack in the middle of my wedding season.  It pretty much cut out my two most profitable months--last year they accounted for at least a third of my entire years profit.  Last year I did eight weddings in the same time period where this year I did one (and that was only after a long consideration as to whether or not I would be up to it.)  Besides the logistical nightmare of trying to figure out how to make that work, my body slowed down to a point I hadn't experienced with my first baby.  Every ache and pain was enhanced, the fatigue became consuming.  It was hard to imagine what it would be like when the pregnancy was over while I was in the middle of it.

And then I had him.  And he was perfect.  He was ours.

Another part of our family that we didn't even know we had been missing.

And it strikes me every time I look at him, and at his sweet big brother, that this is what it is all about.  These two little boys...they are our legacy.  They are our love story made real.

When we married six years ago, I never could have imagined this future.  I have always dreamed big, so sometimes I get lost in the day to day comings and goings, the new crises, the stresses and challenges.  The little things.

Jamison yesterday.  Food coloring is not finger paint.

But it is perfect in its imperfection.

So here he is...

And I think...this is where our love has lead us.  And it is beautiful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wyn and Andrea's Engagements

I love when I get to incorporate a little bit of my clients personalities and passions into their photos....Wyn and Andrea are both very into theater and literature and music.  A true-blue renaissance couple in my opinion!  So we were very lucky to be able to use Wyn's place of employment--an old (and reputedly haunted) theater as our jumping off point for their Deluxe Engagement session (three hours, multiple locations...tons of fun.)  After that we played it by ear and found a HUGE tree off the side of the road and a gorgeous horizon to go with it.  Ahhh...looking at these engagements just makes me happy. :)

 this one is silly but I love it...anyone else love that awful 80s movie "mannequin" when they were little? no? just me? okay then... :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back 2 School Sale!

I have friends and family of all ages (elementary school through college) going back to school again this week!  Thought it was a great time to do a fun sale for ya'all... So if you want a new family picture before the Christmas rush, if you want a few shiny new pictures of your little ones for your living room wall...if you're planning a wedding and want a little something something to sweeten the deal...or if you want a session just for yourself for some pretty new facebook profile shots (you know its true!) ...use this little sale as your reason to go for it!!  All sessions must be scheduled between now and the end of the month of September.  Sessions are always first come first serve, so don't wait!

PS...brides who book their wedding before the first day of September will also get a gorgeous photo guestbook.  And not to toot my own horn or anything...but I can put together a killer photo guestbook. :)

Email me right away to schedule your session!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wyn and Andrea's Wedding {Extended Preview}

Wyn and Andrea's wedding this week was my first since having my baby in July.  I wasn't planning on doing any weddings in August, but once I met these two I couldn't turn it down, not even if I had wanted to. :)   They are an amazing couple and their wedding day was perfect...I loved every detail!

Since Andrea is from Missouri, they did an open house in her hometown today and so I put together a slideshow of some of their wedding images (threw that together fast! Didn't know I had it in me!). Enjoy this extra long sneak peek...oh and check back in the next few days, I will be posting their bridals and engagements.  You won't want to miss it!