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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wyn and Andrea's Engagements

I love when I get to incorporate a little bit of my clients personalities and passions into their photos....Wyn and Andrea are both very into theater and literature and music.  A true-blue renaissance couple in my opinion!  So we were very lucky to be able to use Wyn's place of employment--an old (and reputedly haunted) theater as our jumping off point for their Deluxe Engagement session (three hours, multiple locations...tons of fun.)  After that we played it by ear and found a HUGE tree off the side of the road and a gorgeous horizon to go with it.  Ahhh...looking at these engagements just makes me happy. :)

 this one is silly but I love it...anyone else love that awful 80s movie "mannequin" when they were little? no? just me? okay then... :)


Alisha said...

Love them! And I'm diggin' your new logo/stamp.

Tia said...

Love all these, my favorite is the picture in the ticket booth, so original!

Carolanne said...

Oh mannequin! How I've missed your Saturday afternoon airings. What a fun couple!

Shayna said...

These are beyond adorable. I love your work so so much!