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Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspire Me Monday--Aslyn

I love Aslyn.  She's a lesser known artist I discovered off the soundtrack of a lesser known movie (How to Deal...don't see it, it's not good).  I bought her CD and the How to Deal soundtrack just based off a 2 second clip on that movie.  And that song subsequently became my wedding song.  It's called "That's when I love you."  Take a listen.

That's when I love you...when I love you no matter what. :)

Aslyn has a whole host of fun songs, sad songs, sweet songs...all incredibly listenable. (Is that a word? Oh is now!) But my absolute, hands down favorite has to be "Wally."  The first time I listened to it I was like, "what the...?" when an old guy started talking.   By the end of the song I had tears streaming down my face.  That's what love is! Right there!  55 years of good times and hard times, separation and reunion.  Dare you not to cry.

Sorry for the crappy videos!  It's all for the song, anyway.  To listen in better quality, (and to hear Wally's super sweet intro that is cut off in the above video) go to Aslyn's myspace page here.  Both of these awesome songs are on her player, so go listen!!

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