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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rain or Shine...or Both. Tipling and Steve's Groomal sneak peek!

The weather couldn't make up its mind today...rain.  Then shine. Then rain.  Then shine.  We were a little iffy about how this session would work out with the weather, but we decided to just go for it and make it work no matter what the sky decided to do.  And even on my way to Salt Lake, I felt like I was driving through a monsoon.  But then, just as we hit go time, the clouds parted and we got some stunning shots!  Check em out.  Gorgeous. :)


tip said...

I love them Crystal! I am glad we just went with it, they turned out really good! thank you so much.

Alisha said...

I love the lighting on those, it's absolutely gorgeous!! Fabulous, Crystal. Just Fabulous!

~Marie said...

These look fantastic! You are so talented! :)

Studio K Photography said...

Love these ones... best of the year so far!!!!