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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Steve and Tipling Groomals+Wedding

Here's another groomal/wedding day combo for you!  Tipling and Steve are lucky charms for weather.  I kid you was pouring on the day of their bridals.  I was driving towards Salt Lake in what felt like a monsoon. But as soon as we got going, the rain stopped and we got some gorgeous end-of-the-day light.  And, a few days later on their wedding, it happened again!  As soon as we were done shooting, it started to drizzle.  With the way the weather has been going lately, I'm thinking of bringing these two on all of my shoots, just to be safe.  Congratulations again to both of you! :)

Now remember this hilarious groomsmen shot? I still laugh every time I look at it...

1 comment:

tip said...

I Love Them! Amazing Job Crystal. I am so glad you were able to be at the reception, it was a busy day and all the pictures help me remember it all. You do really good work.