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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wyn and Andrea: Deluxe Engagements=Deluxe Sneak Peek!

So Wyn and Andrea decided to go BIG.  And deluxe engagements means more time, more locations, more clothing changes and more fun! (well, in my opinion.  I did make them go tromping through 10 feet tall grass full of who-knows-what-kinds-of-critters.  That counts as fun, right?)  This session can be divided into three parts: the elegant theater, the massive tree, and the country road.  And I've included two pics from each place, though there are SO many more to come...

I love when we get to incorporate things that are unique to the couple into their engagements. Both Wyn and Andrea love theater, so when Wyn had the connections to get us in to this one, it was perfect, and so "them."
Sadly, Everett the ghost did not pay us a visit.  As far as I know. :)

 I may or may not be a leeeetle bit in love with this tree!  I want to attach a swing to it.  A tire swing, to be exact.  It was begging for a tire swing.

 Our last location was just off one of the back roads in the vicinity.  I think these two need to be in print ads.  for cologne, or jeans or something.  They are just too gorgeous.  F'real.

Thanks again guys for an awesome shoot!


Alisha said...

FUN! I can't wait to see more, especially in the theater!

Anonymous said...

This theater is in my neck of the woods! You should've gone into the Ellen Eccles Theater around the corner. It is gorgeous and has much better lighting ;)

Anonymous said...

I love them!! I think the theater looked amazing, so elegant and I loved the lighting! :) That tree is huge, definitely needs a tire swing!