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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Rainy Wedding Day {Jeff and Maren}

If you ask a bride her biggest fears about her wedding day, she will probably say she is afraid of bad weather.  Unfortunately, that is one thing completely out of anybody's control!  My advice has been, and always will be, that no matter what weather your wedding day brings, roll with it.  Enjoy it.  If you are the lucky lady who gets a snowstorm on your wedding day in the middle of June, have a snowball fight!  If it rains, splash in the puddles!  You don't want to look back at your wedding day and think of how sad or mad you were that the weather didn't want to look back and remember how you made the best of it, and it was still the best day of your life, no matter what was thrown at you.

Maren and Jeff are the perfect examples of this!  They got married back in October (remember their beautiful Cinderella groomals?) and it rained all day!  They even had to move their reception from a pretty church courtyard into the church multipurpose room last minute...but it didn't matter.  They were so happy!  And it was a beautiful day.

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