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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Johansen Family {Christmas Card Sessions 2009}

Tia was one of my roommates in college...and she is still one of my favorite people!  Her little boy was born less than 2 months after mine, so we definitely know what the other is going through pretty much any day of the week. I got to photograph Squirmy when he was still just a new guy--I can't believe how much they grow up in a year!  He's so handsome!  Can I just say how much I love this family?  Bunches.


Tia said...

I could look at these all day :) Our parents saw all the photos today and want an album of all of them.

Amb said...

Love all of the pictures! They look great!

Alisha said...

Love that bridge with the mountains in the background! Very nice!