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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amy and Marcus...Moab engagement!

This weekend my little family and I took a little trip to our favorite place on earth, Moab.  (Which also happens to be the one place in Utah that didn't get drenched in rain and snow this was beautiful!!)  We went with my husbands family (my AWESOME mother and father in law, my super sweet sister in law, Amy, and her amazing boyfriend Marcus).  While we were out there, I made it known that I intended to take some couple-y pictures of Amy and Marcus with some red rocks, and they were totally cool and let me boss them around for a bit.  What Amy didn't know was that this was all part of a BIGGER plan...get her all dolled up, then take her to our family's favorite eatery in Moab, the Sunset Grill....and then set up a few more shots with them as the sun was going which point, Marcus pulled out a ring and proposed overlooking the town.

It was incredible.  My first engagement shoot that was an actual engagement shoot.
Welcome to the family, Marcus!  Well...almost. :)


Tia said...

How cute, congrats to them! I'm glad I kept reading because all I could think was, "Amy's engaged and I had no idea??" haha.

Amy said...

I love these pictures, I still can't believe you have the actual engagement! It's like I forgot you guys were even standing there until after when someone had to prompt Marcus, "Show her the ring!" haha we were both just standing there all smitten. :)

Josh and Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! How awesome to have been able to capture that special moment for them! You always seem to take the perfect picture. Great job Crystal and congrats to the love birds!!

Carolanne said...

AMAZING shoot! They make one good looking couple. I can tell just by looking at the pictures that there's a lot of chemistry there. Hooray for all!

Studio K Photography said...

So cool to capture that!