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Friday, April 22, 2011

Carly and Ben's post-wedding groomal sneak peek

Okay, so that title is kind of a mouthful!  Really, this was a "trash the dress" session--and thanks to the mud, we did!--but our original idea of maybe wading in the river was thwarted by the fact that the river is more like a dangerous, white-rapid torrent at the moment.  So we played it safe on solid ground.  No reason for anyone, myself included, to get swept away.  :)  You may recognize these two, they got married back in December.  They decided back before their wedding that since Ben was not going to be in town with enough time to do this session before their wedding, to just wait until spring and do it then in the warmer weather.  (Who knew spring was going to play hookey this year?)  anyway, I'm glad they did decide to wait until now, what a perfect evening!

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