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Sunday, September 18, 2011

So This is Love.... Maren and Jeff sneak peek

What an incredible evening!
Maren's vision for her bridal/groomal session came down to one important theme: Cinderella.  I am a sucker for fairy tales anyway, but when she sent me a painting from my favorite living illustrator, K.Y. Craft, (my favorite non-living illustrator being Maxfield Parrish) I knew that we pretty much going to be BFFs.  Here is that inspiration image:
I'd say we did pretty well.
Loved every second of it.


Tia said...

These are breath taking!

Andrea said...

These are amazing!

Alli said...

Hi! I have followed your blog FOREVER and have already told my husband countless times that I'm hiring you for our kids' weddings. This photo shoot sealed the deal! AMAZING!!! I love princesses!

Carolanne said...

Where's the shoe????? ;)