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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Up, Up, and Away...the Ellsworth Family's Sneak Peek

It was a very beautiful day today...fresh air, sun, and hot air balloons.  :)  This family is so cute!  I grew up in the same neighborhood as Janica, so it is extra fun to see her all grown up with two gorgeous little boys of her own.

In fact, it would have been the perfect day, were it not for this:

I had been taking a few shots of the boys sitting in the grass, and when I stood up and turned around Eric (the dad) said calmly "Hold very still," and he proceeded to swipe something off my back with a blanket.  It took a couple seconds and I asked, "Do I want to know what it is?" to which he responded, "NO."

It was a ginorous disgusting spider. (see above).  A  HUGE spider.  On my back.  I still have the heebeejeebees.  He squished it before I got to see it (which probably helped us avoid my having a full-on freak out) but yeah, I have been feeling creepy-crawly all day long.

So thanks for a great shoot guys, and thanks for saving me from what is obviously a carnivorous, man-eating spider. :)

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