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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cody and Whitney's Engagement session

I'm really making a go of this blogging on a regular basis thing, guys!  And since I'm shooting this beautiful girl's bridals this week, I thought...good time to post these cowboy-licious engagements. :)  Oh, my...these two are probably what 99% of those classic country love songs are talking about.


sarahjane said...

These are so fantastic!! I absolutely love the moving shot. Her hair whipping and the giant grin, plus that awesome cowboy hat. The sunset shots capture such beautiful color! You are one of my very favorite photographers! Keep up the blogging!

Carolanne said...

Cute couple. Several of these shots could be country album covers! Good work. And two posts in a week? You are on a roll. :)

Alisha said...

I love these!!!!