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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enoch and Tacy's Engagements and Formals

I have recently been reminded that I have a blog.
Ok ok so I didn't forget...but somehow in the last year my blogging has slacked and slacked and then in the last 2 months somehow fell by the wayside all together (which is the same fate my personal blog succumbed to more than a year and a half ago...couldn't let my photo blog suffer the same demise!)  So here I am, committing to blog better this year.  Which means full posts on a regular basis...which shouldn't be hard considering I never fully blogged 90% of the sessions and weddings I did last year!  The sneak peeks which have somehow usurped my regular blog posts will still happen for those who would like them, but they will be finding a new home on my facebook page. :)

So, to get started with the blog repentance, I am doing two posts in one: Enoch and Tacy's engagements AND their formals!  They are getting married TOMORROW so it seemed like a great place to start.  I can't wait for your wedding tomorrow you two!  Its going to be so beautiful, I already know it.  And maaaaaaybe a few silly parts too.  Just a hunch I have.

First up:  Engagements

and now, the Formals:

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