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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Red Hot! Amanda and Blake

Hehe, Blake's cowboy cutout pose: I'm diggin' it!

Amanda and Blake both have the most gorgeous red hair! Growing up my sisters and I are all huge Anne of Green Gables fans, and so I might be a teeensy bit jealous (doesn't Amanda have that classic, turn-of-the-century beauty? Double jealous) We did their bridal session on temple square (they are getting married there next month) so that their wedding day could be a bit more relaxed, less pressure than trying to cram all the photo op spots on temple square into one day. What I loved about it is that most weddings are in the morning and late afternoon, so you never get those spectacular sunset colors...Plus they brought along the cutest turquiose umbrella...It was such a fun night!


Amanda said...

Thank you so much Crystal! We couldn't be happier with our pictures! Carrie got to see them today and was amazed :)

Ann Marie said...

I love, love, love that last picture! Was it really completely empty or were you able to photoshop people out. And that umbrella is fantastic, I'll have to suggest something like that to my sisters.

Envision Image Photography said...

It was like, eight at night and yes it was really that empty! (Though you can't see it because the background is dark, there is someone sitting in a chair on the right hand side.)

Matt and Kierstyn said...

She is so pretty! Very modely looking. Red hair, classic beauty. I love it! Gorgeous job!

Liz said...

WOW! Every pictures is beautiful. I love the last one - and what a gorgeous bride.