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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Road Trippin'

photo courtesy of Road Trip Foto
So you wanna see what I did last week?

Good! Cuz I wanna show you!

I was so lucky to be able to attend the Vegas Road Trip Foto workshop. Thanks so much to Sammy who invited me, and also Malea and Serena, whose talent is seriously mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing, you two...I think I need a couple of weeks to process all that info! Whew! And I loved all the girls we met out there. I can't believe the awesome people from all over that share my passion for photography!
So here are a few images from the workshop (can you believe our model? Geez! She was gorgeous!) Hope you like em!


Samantha said... are so AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I need to go through all of mine!

Tia said...

Crystal I'm running out of adjectives to describe your work! I love the pictures of The Strip.

Carma said...

Awesome! I'm jealous that I couldn't be there. :)

Matt and Kierstyn said...

If this is what you needed me to help you with then I am down. That looks awesome!

Malea E. said...

Crystal!! It was so fun to meet you too, your pictures look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Totten said...

Look at you already posting your pics!! Good job! I am trying to get caught up before I can get to these pics, hopefully soon. But really cute, great job. I love your work also.