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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ruby and Josh

I went visiting teaching this afternoon (end of the month, as usual) and while we were driving around my VT companions little girl Ruby (only a month or so younger than Jamison, and beautiful.  I'm making plans for a spring wedding in 21+ years) was smiling at me so cute!  When we were dropped back off at my house I begged Amanda (Ruby's mom and my VT companion) to let me snag a few shots of her preciousness!  And of course,  big brother Josh needed a couple as well.  Not bad for 5 minutes, right? :)


Kate said...

You are so nice to be willing to share your talents! I think you're a wonderful photographer, and a wonderful friend to many!

Samantha Jane said...

Ugh, I love it! Such good work lady!

Envision Image Photography said...

Aww, shucks. :) Thanks, love the positive feedback from you both! :)