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Friday, September 3, 2010

Carly and Ben's engagement sneak peek

So Carly and Ben decided to go big for their engagements and went deluxe (double the time, unlimited locations) and we were able to get some amazing shots in at all the places we went around to.  Their one main request, however, was that they wanted this fountain.  We saved it for last so they wouldn't be soaked for the rest of the session, but as luck would have it by the time we got to it it was almost completely dark (Something to do with the planets rotation around the sun or some such nonsense...just when I get used to a certain time schedule! geez.)  The funny thing is...the encroaching night was a blessing in disguise.  Because, as it happens, fountain drops under street lamps with a teensy bit of fill flash...they become a zillion little sparkles.

blog DSC_2980



Something about this next shot...I love it.



Cindy L. said...

Cool pics!

Katie said...

Amazing, seriously amazing! I'm absolutely in love with that last picture, just gives me chills it's so good!

Studio K Photography said...

Way, Way (did I say WAY) cool! We so need to go shoot together!