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Monday, September 20, 2010

Staci's 1 and 2!

The first set of bridals I did for Staci was one of those sessions.  Staci's GPS sent her a half hour in the wrong direction (and coincidentally, a half hour back) so we got started late...we both forgot stuff...I was kinda scattered since I was supposed to be leaving for NY the next day and hadn't even started our light was fading turned out okay, I really do love some of the shots we got, but after talking Staci and I decided to book a second bridal session.  This time we went to a location that was much closer, and at the perfect time of day.  It was so much more relaxed, the light was beautiful, all around the perfect session.  I'm not kidding, she looks gorgeous.  Sweet in some shots, smoldering in others...take a look!

Here are some faves from our first session:

And here are some faves from bridal session number 2:


Amy said...

wow, she looks so pretty I love these, I think the last one at the bottom is my favorite!

Ashley Schoenfeld said...

I must know where this #2 loc is please share! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing and she is beautiful!!!