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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chase and BreAnne's Engagments

All I have to say!  This couple was so much fun to photograph!  And on such short notice, too.  We booked their wedding on Friday night and did this session the very next day, Saturday afternoon.  And I've been dying to try out the Ogden Nature Center forever (seriously, like a year or two at least) and when they said they wanted that open natural look, I knew right where to go!  I've narrowed it down to a few faves  for your viewing enjoyment. (35 to be exact...and that was as much as I could do! Do I post too many? I can't help myself, really.  Its an addiction.)


Matt and Kierstyn said...

I love it. Some great shots!

Carma said...

They are awesome! Love them. And I love the contrast of the colors with the blue and white mountains in the background with the golden grass/trees in the front.

Alisha said...

Love them! They look great!

Tia said...

No but seriously, I'm taken away! I love them all. And I'm day dreaming of my family picture in front of that big tree, or on the bridge, or with the mountains, too many to choose!