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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nat and Jon!

I can't tell you how much I loved this wedding!  Natalie and Jon are, obviously, a gorgeous couple, and they have the most beautiful baby boy!  (Who can resist a cutie pie baby boy?) It was a busy day, but we were lucky to sneak out and get a few pictures of just the happy couple on the grounds of the Tuscany Gardens in Roy.  Here are a few favorites!
P.S. can you tell how much I love sparklers? :)


Terra said...

Wow! Those were great images! Great Job!!!

Tia said...

You are amazing! So beautiful. I think my favorite is their little boy curled up asleep on dad, but I'm slightly hung up a precious baby boys at the moment :)

Ashley Schoenfeld said...

Beautiful You captured this wedding so beautiful what lens did you use most of the time?

Envision Image Photography said...

I switched back and forth between my 18-105 and my 50. Because it was so late and getting dark so fast, I used the 50mm for most of the portrait shots and the 18-105 (with a flash, this lens only goes to 3.5 and it was dim) for the long ceremony shots. But for the most part the 50, simply for the fact that it gets those bigger apertures, reducing blur in such a dim building and in the late evening outside.