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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Breanne's Bridals

Every now and then I will have a shoot that is so fun, so different, with a bride that is so engaging and enthusiastic about her pictures that I leave the session feeling totally revitalized even if I am physically tired.  This was one of those sessions!  I'd never done the Salt Flats and having talked with Breanne I became convinced that this would be the perfect place for her bridals.  And I was soooo right.  Everything was so perfect!  Plus she came with such a fun entourage of her best girls--I'll never forget their enthusiastic singalong with Miley Cyrus echoing across the Salt Flats, lol--and some adorable puppies! They kept going in and out from under her dress the whole shoot, it was hilarious.

All in all, it was totally worth the 300 mile drive with a broken speedometer! :) (don't worry guys, its fixed now. You don't have to stay off the roads.)

ooh la la :)

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Malea said...

Oh my gosh!!! So so so beautiful! Love these! You rock! Thanks so much for the e-mail with the info too!