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Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspire Me Monday--Maxfield Parrish

It has been waaaay too long since my last Inspire Me Monday post...

I first discovered Maxfield Parrish in the 9th grade, when my art teacher had 2 or three small 8x10 size prints hanging up in the back corner of the art room wall. I loved what I saw and committed his name to memory. In high school, when I spent hours on end searching art books for inspiration for my paintings it was Maxfield Parrish books I poured over the most. I love everything about his style. I even tried to mimic it a few times with no success (his methods required days between layers of paint and varnish...I'm much too impatient for that!) So when I started into photography I realized after a while that there was something in the way I did things that said in a subtle way "Parrish."  And I liked it.  I guess after you've idolized a person's work for so long, its only natural that some of that style would leak into your own.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

To give you a quick background, Parrish was born in the late 1800s.  His father was an artist so he got interested at an early age.  His illustrations were widely used in commercial advertisments, childrens books, and in magazines such as Life.  He worked until he was 91, and passed away in 1966 at age 95.  

And he was handsome.  Don't you think?  :)

I think you might be surprised how much of his work has sunk into our pop culture.  Recognize anything from these pictures below?  (C'mon Enya fans...I know you know this.)  I remember being quite suprised to see a Parrish painting on Lifehouse's first CD cover, too (the wierd door knocker). 

Quite basically, I love this stuff.  One day I will own a real Parrish piece.  Mark my words. (Take note, Keaton....some Christmas when we happen to have several hundred thousand dollars lying around, I want one of these under the tree.)

 Some of my recent, Parrish-inspired work:

Can you see it? :)

1 comment:

panoramicgenius said...

Very nice! Sharp images are great. I've always been a fan of Ansel Adams' large-format stuff.

I'm out of the loop, but I would imagine that virtually anything is possible in this age of technology. I've seen examples of sense-defying, 100% CGI 'pictures' which are indistinguishable as 'final products' from similar pieces rendered through conventional photographic methods. I've also seen some interesting remakes of Parrish paintings which incorporate digital photographic images. Interesting, indeed.

I love the quality of your work, the inspiration you gather from ol' Max, and the fluid architecture of your blog. I will, however, always dislike the term 'blog', but that's just a personal peeve. ; ] The word sounds like it signifies something that simply wouldn't be welcome anywhere, regardless of the area of concern: "You have a blog on your lip", or "I smell something. Did you step in a blog?!" That's also the opinion of someone who just read "Posted by Crystal Meth". Sorry, Crystal Smith! Blame it on lysdexia.

It's been nearly three years since this post of yours, and mine is the first comment. Strange world. Again, very nice work, and here's to your continual adventure, growth and success. Peace!