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Friday, July 16, 2010

Robin's Glamorous bridal shoot

20's era flapper meets 50's era bombshell...
Marilyn Monroe only wished she was a redhead!

I love everything about this session and have been just dying to post them.  There is something about these shots, the sky, the rocks, the lake, the wind...the bugs (just kidding!) But no really, there were a lot of nasty bugs.  But despite the bugs, this session was sensational.  Remind me when I do my next "inspire me monday" (its been like a month or two, forgive me!) to tell you more about my absolute most favorite illustrator ever, Maxfield Parrish.  These shots have Maxfield Parrish written all over them!

Stylish. Lovely. Glamorous.  Robin has it all!

Eat your heart out, Marilyn Monroe.

Can't believe I missed this one! Rainbow, anyone?

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