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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Celebrate National Adoption Month...

Earlier this week I was contacted by a sweet lady named Sharon Crown (who recently attended the workshop I cohosted in September) about doing something special for National Adoption Month.  Sharon and her family recently welcomed a special baby girl into their family through adoption.  I hadn't really thought much about adoption before this year...but in the last several months I've met some amazing birthmoms, some blessed adoptive families, and even had some of my own family (a cousin and his awesome wife) start the adoption process themselves.  So, needless to say, Sharon's request touched me.  I jumped at the chance to contribute.  So please, go to Sharon's blog, where the giveaway is being hosted, and check out the details and show your support for adoption.


Tyler & Jen said...

Love and totally support this as a birth mom to a beatiful boy who was adopted!! Thanks Crystal!

Matt and Kierstyn said...

I'm really glad you're doing this. I have a cousin who just adopted and I know it is a true blessing for them.