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Sunday, May 16, 2010

hot hot hot...Jordan and Dusty's engagement session!

These two are so gorgeous, but so down to earth!  I'm not kidding, we had some pretty funny conversation topics, mostly originating from Dusty.  We talked about:

Whether or not a certain piece of farm equipment might once have belonged to Joseph Smith.
Where dragons live.
Indian tracking.
Conducting an orchestra.

Just to name a few...never a dull moment, that's certain.  The thing I loved most is that they were so versatile!  They'd be laughing and having fun and then instantly snap into serious for a few shots!  Not kidding...magazine material, don't you agree?  Thanks Jordan and Dusty! Next up, bridals... :)


Dustin Izatt said...

Awesome, truly awesome. What a gorgeous couple and gorgeous photography. I love your posing and the sun flare shot. Very well done :)


Amb said...

Incredible girl! Very H.O.T shots! I love 'em!!!

Totten said...

Great Job!! You just get better and better. What a great couple to work with they are so cute.

Carolanne said...

It'd be impossible to have a bad shoot with subjects like that. That old truck is pretty awesome too.

Ben and Meg said...

Nice ones! I want to know where she got that shirt cause I LOVE it!