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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Robin and Jeremy's Engagements

All I have to say is...these guys are hot!  And don't be surprised if Coke hires them as spokespeople.

I would, if I were them. :)
Can you tell I busted out my off camera flash?  Going to go to a workshop all about it in a few weeks.  I heart OCF.  It's verging on the obsessive. lol
And for this one what do you think?  Color:
Or Black and White?
 I just can't decide!


Ken and Nikki said...

i really like both of them. BUT i think that the black and white is WAY more dramatic because of the high contrast. but i DO like her vibrant red hair in the color photo!! dang! good luck with deciding!! thats a tough one :)

Carolanne said...

They definitely look good together. And the barbed wire and chain links thing works for them too. I don't know many people who could pull that off, but they (with your help) make it look good.

Terrie said...

Off camera flash! Yea!
Nice job merging the environment with flash!
Diffused? Bounced? or Open?
The high contrast suggests open, but the soft edges on the shadow suggest diffused....

Silvia and Steven said...

I really like them both!! I think I"m going to go with black and white one though :O)