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Monday, May 10, 2010

Inspire Me Monday--Love Story Part 1

Okay, I have to preface this post by saying that the first zillion times I heard this song on the radio, I didn't really like it.

And then I saw the music video.  I LOVE this music video.  Here is why.

I love Pre-Raphaelite paintings.  I've already talked about that a little bit (John William Waterhouse anybody?)  I sigh over the romanticism.  The light, the color, the setup.  I try to capture something of those elements in every single session I do. 

This my absolute favorite painting of all time.  And I mean it.  It is called "Aucassin and Nicolette" by Marianne Stokes.

It steals my breath.  I will have a giant reproduction hanging on my wall someday.  Mark my words.

This one is called "The End of the Quest" by Sir Francis Dicksee.  I discovered this one while I was waiting for the missionary who eventually came home and married me.  I swear I felt like I lived this painting, in a way.
And lastly this one.  Romeo and appropriate!  Also by Dicksee.

Can you see why I fell in love with this music video?

Oh, and I will find out where this was filmed. And I will go there. With my camera in hand.

Part 2 of Love Story next week.

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