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Monday, May 24, 2010

Marcie and Brian's elegant Groomal session

Every shot was just incredible...but it is hard to go wrong in a place like the state capitol building.  We did have a little run-in with the law when I had them stand on a platform with this amazing view of the valley and a little church was in the background.  A cop pulled up and gave me the what-for on how they could have fallen off the ledge.  I felt thoroughly chastised but am still secretly glad he didn't come by until after I got the shot.  (Extra thanks go Sam from Samantha Jane Images and Dustin from Dustin Izatt Photography who were impromptu assistants that day.  When the cop walked up the steps and said "who is in charge here" they immediately pointed to me.  Love you too guys! lol) 

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Alisha said...

absolutely lovely!