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Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspire Me Monday--Go

I have a confession to make.  I love Hanson.  I have since I was thirteen and first heard "MMMbop" on the radio.  Don't be embarrassed for me, it is something I've come to terms with.  I am not ashamed anymore.  :)

In a lot of ways I feel like I grew up with these guys.  I mentioned last week that I used to harbor musical stardom dreams, a fantasy partly influenced by my admiration for Hanson.  At one point my parents even bought me and my sisters a drumset, electric piano and the corresponding guitar.  We wanted to be the Chipettes to their Chipmunks.  Or something like that. :)

But I grew up, and so did Hanson.  I no longer think I'll ever reach superstardom, and they are no longer the MMMbop boys (though I dare you to find a better feel-good happy-go-lucky summer song.) And while I also no longer feel giddy when someone mentions their name, I can honestly say their changing music styles over the years have always appealed to me.  I even put one of their songs, Every Word I say, on my wedding slideshow without my husband's approval.  (When I heard my husband humming the song, I laughed and told him the artist.  He was horrified.)  lol

To prove that Hanson isn't teeny-bopper any more and thereby prove I am not a total dork, I want you to check this music video out.  It is called "Go," and the lead vocals are done by the youngest brother, Zack. (who was 12 when they first came out. whoa.) It is hearfelt and meaningful, if a little sad.

Yeah.  the Jonas Brothers only wish they had this talent. :)

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Carolanne said...

It's amazing what a decade and a haircut can do for someone. :)