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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Abby's Bridals...sneak peek!

No looking, Shane!

This session could easily be renamed "The shoot that went so wrong, it went right."  Originally, we were supposed to shoot today, but because of the forecast we moved it to Tuesday.  Originally we were supposed to shoot at Saltair, but as you probably know...there was a fire right off I-80 yesterday...oh yeah, at Saltair! (Not the Saltair pavilion itself, but they said it was at the marina...though how strange that it went there, considering the first two incarnations of saltair BOTH burned down...) After spending an hour at a dead stop on the freeway, it was decided that because of A. the ninety mile an hour wind gusts, with the accompanying dirt storms and B. the proximity of said fire, we would reroute to someplace less...dirty/windy/burning.

Sometimes, the worst possible circumstances make for the best possible circumstances.  If that makes sense.  We had to scrap our plans, but it was so worth it!! The new, last minute location couldn't have been more appropriate, I loved it.

So here's a sneak peek at Abby (who must have a secret second job as a runway model...she knows how to work it!!) in her GORGEOUS dress.

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