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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Things that Inspire Me

I've decided that to get myself moving on Mondays, I'll post something that inspires me.  A lot of photographers will do a "music video Monday" and while I fully intend to post some of my favorite music videos, there are so many other things that inspire me and my work!  Art movements, painters, storybooks, passages from my favorite novels, scenes from my favorite movies...all those things that jump out at me, make me think, or raise my spirits.

To kick things off, here is a music video from I Nine.  I fell in love with their single "Seven Days of Lonely" two or three years ago, and while I still love it--and the accompanying music video--Change Nothing is hands down my favorite. (though I have yet to find a way to buy the finished track they have on their myspace playlist!  Soon, though!  I will prevail.) :)

I love this song.

And I thought I might also show you a little something from one of my favorite painters ever (a Pre-Raphaelite...I love all things Pre-Raphaelite...) John William Waterhouse.

I hope you can see tastes of these things in my work...
and that they inspire you too!

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