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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chase and BreAnne's Bridal shoot

So we had a bit of bad luck on Saturday night.  After nearly 2 hours of shooting I discovered that my SD card had somehow whacked out...and all but maybe 15-20 pictures were corrupted.  Long story short, Chase and BreAnne are rockstars and got up early the very next day to do their shoot all over again...this time on a fully functional SD card.  It was good/bad experience...good that it happened NOT at a wedding, good that I learned from now on to shoot on more than one SD at any given session. Good that this couple is sooo stinking awesome (not to mention HOT) and good that the pictures from the next day turned out great.  And the bad...that I lost some sweet pics and my trust in all things electronic!

And did I mention that these guys are hot? :)

These first shots are from our ill-fated Saturday night shoot, the next are from the reshoot the next day...and amazingly enough, they are still smiling. :)


Amanda said...

Oh what lovely pictures! And I am so impressed with your clients being so understanding. Some people would freak about having to redo a shoot!
I love the ivy-strewn wall, and my fav pic is probably the b&w one that's crooked with them embracing with their eyes closed. Wonderful shoot :)

Samantha Jane said...

I love the 3rd B&W. I think the pictures turned out beautiful!

Ashley Schoenfeld said...

So glad that location turned out for ya! Whew! I knew you would turn it into something romantical!

Amber said...

Were these taken in CLinton?

Envision Image Photography said...

The original shoot was in Salt Lake, but after our bad luck we had to think of a new place that wasn't too far to go and another photog friend (Ashley S.! you rock!) had mentioned she liked this place, which is in Clinton and not at all far from me, I've passed it like a zillion times. It turned out well, I thought. :)