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Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspire Me Monday--Vettriano and OneRepublic

I was wondering what to post today and then I saw Carolanne's comment on my last post about Jen and Tyler's umbrella reminding her of Jack Vettriano...Thanks Carolanne!

Jack Vettriano is a contemporary scottish painter currently living in England.  His most famous work, "The Singing Butler" (above right) is one of my favorite paintings of all time.  Seriously.  I'm gonna design my future kitchen around it, I'm telling you. :)  His paintings that I love best are ethereal moments of dance with beautiful soft light and reflection.  (Some of his other works are a mite warned. :)

And the music video I have to post in conjunction with Vettriano is "All the Right Moves" by OneRepublic.  I love this song, but what I really love is the gorgeous costuming and setting they utilize for the video.  If anybody out there is down for an 1800s era shoot on an old dancefloor let me know!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This has always been one of my favorite pictures! I had it above my bed and designed my bedroom around it. I would also looove to do a photo shoot like this!! ~Amanda V