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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tyler and Jen's Bridals, part 1: first look

I cannot tell you how much I love photographing the bride and groom together prior to the wedding day.  It is my most favorite type of session...all of the  romance of the wedding day, none of the stress!  The biggest concern I hear  from most brides considering this type of session (groomals, some call them...though that is a ridiculous word, isn't it?) is that they don't want to miss that special wedding day moment where the groom gets to see his bride for the first time. 

Well, this is a problem easily solved!  We set up the session so that, after the bride has changed into her wedding dress, I get to document that "wow!" moment where he turns to see his sweetheart for the first time as his bride. 

I love it!

Here is the "first look" for Jen and Tyler...and the rest from this session coming later on today! Enjoy.


And the sweetest part: 
Jen asked, "So...?"
And Tyler said, 
"I'm just taking you all in."


Samantha Jane said...

I am a brought tears to my eyes. Ugh.

proudmamaof5 said...

Tyler is my son, and I just LOVED how you captured his look.....priceless!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

Alisha said...

How cute is that?!?! Love these photos.
Oh, and I LOVE my logo. Thanks so much again!!!